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5 Reasons to Hire Web Content Services (Instead of Creating Content Yourself)

5 Reasons to Hire Web Content Services (Instead of Creating Content Yourself)

When it comes to business visibility, content creation is of utmost importance. The conversion rates of content marketing are way higher than any other online marketing strategy.

According to a survey, more than 60 % of internet users in the United States of America bought a product/service after reading a blog article based on it. Hence, its evident content marketing has a huge effect when it comes to increasing the quantity and quality of leads for a business.

It’s great if a business has the time and expertise to create their own content, but not all companies can afford and manage to hire in-house writers. In this scenario, most businesses choose to employ the services of a content writing agency.

This way, companies can create a lot of content to promote their products/services, as well as outshine competitors without having to spend too much money.

That being said, not all tactics are going to work when it comes to outsourcing of content. Keeping company standards and consistency in the quality of content is not as seamless as it seems, especially when work is outsourced.

It will take some time to build a trusted relationship with the agency you have outsourced your content to; once you get past that stage, it will be a breeze to get professionally executed work.

On that note, let’s take a deeper look at a few of the tried and tested reasons why it’s wise to hire web content writing services instead of doing it all by yourself.

1. You will have more time to focus on your business’ core activities.

One of the primary reasons why outsourcing your content makes sense is you and your team already have a lot on your plate.

Let’s be honest, brainstorming new content ideas to engage readers, writing, proofreading, optimizing, and posting is a full-time job in itself. Not to mention other important chores, including the promotion of the published content across social media channels and replying to comments and messages. You obviously do not have enough time to do all this by yourself.

You have got only limited hours in a day, and you need to invest that time on tasks that are more important to the success of your business. This could mean focusing on the development of a mobile application if you’re a developer or handling other core activities if you are the company owner.

While you might be a jack of all trades, the decision to produce content all by yourself is not the tactic most businesses would adopt. If you truly want the right words to go on your website so that potential customers can find you and make a purchase, you need a professional copywriter.

A professional content writer will add value to your internal team and bring your business plenty of leads. Yes, it might cost you some money but will give you ample time to concentrate more on your strengths and returns that are sure to exceed your initial investment.

2. Your pages will rank higher on the search engines.

We already touched on this briefly, but it’s necessary to talk about it again!

Your target audience should be able to find you in order to read your content and eventually make a purchase. Now, this means they either follow you on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, or they have subscribed to your newsletter. But obviously, that’s not always the case. This is why you need your blog articles and web pages to rank higher on the search engines to increase your views and sales.

  •     More than 90 percent of the things online are found using Google search engine.
  •     Meticulous and well-organized use of keywords lets Google know that your content is relevant. Using subheadings, easy to understand language, and short paragraphs can really help your page go up on the google searches.
  •     That said, merely having good content won’t help. Google gives consideration to web pages that are able to exhibit E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)

Let’s face it; even if you’re a great writer who has a way with words, you might struggle when it comes to optimizing the content for search engines. When you hire an agency or freelance writer for that matter, they will know exactly how to work with your internal team to create content that gives authoritative prowess your target audience has confidence in.

They are professionals in their field, having years of experience, an in-depth understanding of the search engine algorithms, so you can be sure to see a boost in your site rankings and conversions in no time.

3. Outsourced content is cheaper than employing an in-house writer and will generate higher ROI.

Outsourcing content is so much cheaper than hiring a full-time writer. Think about it; it will cost you nothing less than $30000-$50000 a year if you employ an inhouse writer. Not to mention the costs associated with IT, training, medical insurance, and other overheads that can quickly add up to become tens of thousands of bucks.

With outsourcing, it’s different and simple; all you have to pay for is the produced content and nothing else at all. Super cost-effective, isn’t it?!

While the cost for outsourcing content creation will differ from agency to agency, professional writing services are worth the money spent. It makes no sense to desire exceptional results with a frugal budget. More often than not, a well-paid writer will put in extra efforts for the project he/she has been generously compensated for. Every dollar you spend on outsourcing content will net you a greater return on your investment.

Still not convinced?

Alright, what if we told you that you could easily measure your ROI? A few things that can be comfortably tracked include:

  •     The increased traffic and leads on a particular blog article or web page.
  •     A boost in the number of followers, shares, comments, and messages on various social media handles.
  •     A growth in your business revenue, succeeding the outsourcing of your content.

Publishing content that is well-written and optimized for search engines regularly is sure to drive customers to make a buying decision. All in all, outsourcing content production will help you reach your business goals sooner.

4. You can take advantage of the expert voice and a varied point of view.

 You know your business inside out. That’s a fact.

Nobody knows the product or service you sell better than you do. You might have stories to share and want to get your point of view across in the blog article. So, in theory, it makes sense if you write the content all by yourself.

If you employ a copywriter to outsource your content, they will have some catching up to do- there is no getting around it. That said, an expert copywriter will know how to take your viewpoint and come up with the right words to convey it.

As mentioned in previous points, also, just being a good writer is not enough. You need someone who has the chops when it comes to web content writing; let’s see why:

  •     They can express your ideas and viewpoint in a way that you might have never considered or overlooked.
  •     A seasoned copywriter can use his/her experience to give a fresh take on your industry and come up with unique blog topics.
  •     Over the years, they have worked with a number of clients and can help you learn a thing or two beyond what you already know.  
  •     Professional writers have immense experience with the latest technology and can use that to your advantage. This could mean using the latest keyword planner or using upgraded editing software.
  •     It’s easy to burn out if you’re writing content day in and day out, and this boredom will reflect in the written piece. However, a seasoned writer will make sure the spark and enthusiasm in writing remain.

5. Outsourcing will give you a lot of flexibility.

It’s understandable if you are still considering to employ a full-time writer as part of your internal team. However, have you ever thought about the likelihood of being stuck with this copywriter when clearly, he/she does not understand your needs or produce enough content to meet the demand?

With outsourcing, it’s a different situation altogether- there is a lot of flexibility. You can quickly employ more copywriters to meet your increased content production needs. If you’re not satisfied with the work of a specific writer or want to try someone who can bring fresh ideas to the table, you can hire another person.

Not just this, depending on your industry’ seasonal variations, you can easily scale up your content production as you expand your horizons or scale down during times when investing in content might not seem so fruitful.

Final thoughts

You obviously have a pretty clear picture of where you want to see your company in the next few months, two years, and a decade down the road.

It’s no brainer that you would do anything to reach your business goals. Hence, it makes sense to utilize the services of a professional writing agency that helps you outshine your competitors and bring you a high return on investment in the form of increased website visits, engagement, and conversions.


Social Media Management Packages

Social Media Management Packages Are Worth Investing Into

You Can Increase SEO Authority & Promote Your Brand In One Expense

Social media management packages are becoming more and more necessary for success in today’s business world. This is because more and more people are spending time and money online.

“The mass use of social media platforms is similar to the TV craze back in the mid 1900’s. It’s not a fad. Consequently, you should start advertising like the pros by investing in a monthly social media package plan before everyone finds out this overlooked truth.”

Social Media Management Packages Can Increase Your Website’s SEO Authority

Social media management packages boost your SEO rankings because Google & Bing analyze the social media platforms linked to your website. They analyze the post content, likes, #hashtags, followers and comments to give your website “points” based on the positive social signals they detected on your social media profiles. As a result, as you consistently sew into your social media assets they will boost the ranking power of your website.

Having SEO authority is the most powerful way to rank #1 on Google & Bing. There are 2 other factors besides investing in social media management packages that build your website’s SEO authority. 

  1. SEO Services – Most effective approach to building domain authority is building backlinks & citations.
  2. Web Content Creation Services- Content is king when it comes to going viral or ranking on search engines for the long haul. Google measures how long users are on your website with Google analytics. Google then uses the and uses the analytics metric to rank your website. We know how to keep people reading and looking on your site. 

But lets continue to focus on the benefit of investing into social media management packages for now.

Investing Into Social Media Management Packages Increases Exposure and Builds Relationships

Social media platforms is the best place to build relationships with people who are interested in your products services and or information. Moreover, your social media platform property assets gives you the opportunity to present yourself or business professionally. All you have to do is put the right content in the right places. Almost everyone logs into one of their social media accounts once a day. So make sure you get noticed in today’s online business world.

Let me be completely honest with you here. Conversion rates from social media platforms are not as good as ranking in search engines. As a result, we suggest investing into social media management packages for 3 main purposes.

  1. Build relationships with real people.
  2. Enhance brand image.
  3. Boost SEO Authority with the organic social signals we consistently generate for you.

When you do get a conversion form your social media platforms, it is like the icing on the cake. But, in some cases we can help you go viral on social media platforms and get tremendous conversion rates. It really depends on the nature of your business or idea and how much you invest into it.

Social Media Management Packages Pricing

It is very important to consistently be active over time on your social media platforms in order to leverage the power of riding the algorithms correctly to get more views (AKA: “impressions”). See the social media management packages below for pricing. (Click image to enlarge).


=>Social Media Management Package Prices are negotiable. We are willing to work out a deal that is fair, affordable and where everyone wins. Contact us for more details.<=

Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses

Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses | SEO Services Provider

Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses Is Extremely Valuable

SEO services are absolutely necessary in today’s business world because it gets you to the 1st page of Google. Everyone goes to Google for everything. Furthermore, SEO services is the most effective marketing avenue worthy of investing time and money into. This is because the marketing audience generated from SEO services is virtually 100% relevant traffic (AKA “Hot Leads”).

Affordable SEO services for small businesses has a quantitative monetary value, but the results from effective SEO services can potentially be priceless. For example, say you purchased SEO services for your small business that cost $250 per month.

After a few months let’s say you begin to rank on the 1st page of Google for a handful of relevant keywords. Let’s say these keywords get on avergage 1,000’s of searches per month. That is a very large audience. Over 12,000 annual HOT LEADS to be exact. Your business would take off and go to the next level. As a result, your life would change for the better. (in a business sense)… Priceless.

Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses

SEO Services For Small Businesses Is Extremely Effective

Most small businesses spend money on local ads and publications. This is one of the most effective local marketing avenues available. The only problem is they can sometimes be expensive and it is usually a one time exposure.

Furthermore, the audience that reads the ad or article may not even be interested what you have to offer. As a result, some of your seeds will fall hard ground and not produce any leads or sales at all.

As a result, investing in SEO services is the most effective marketing strategy. This is because ranking for specific keywords on Google results in generating HOT LEADS. Customers & clients literally COME TO YOU for what you have to offer. And since your on the 1st page new leads are generated day after day, after day. This is the beauty of investing into affordable SEO services for your small business. It’s a valuable investment that truly pays off.

Search Engine Optimization not a one time marketing expense that may or may not generate results. SEO is a tried and true marketing strategy that trumps a lot of other digital marketing strategies. SEO services even yields more results than Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns because 70% of Google searches click on organic results and <30% on PPC ads.

BEOK Web Design Company Provides Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses

Our SEO services for small businesses is so effective because we provide premium keyword research services that allow us to analyze the monthly volume and ranking competitiveness of any keyword you can think of. Furthermore, we are able to discover a myriad new Google search phrases related to your business. This is seriously powerful stuff and truly a revolutionary digital marketing advantage.

The sooner you start investing in affordable SEO services for your small business the sooner you will see the benefits. On average it takes anywhere to 3-6 months to rank on the 1st page of Google. Some really competitive keywords may take up to 2 years to rank on the 1st page of Google for.

So start today so your small business can have a better tomorrow. Contact us to begin your SEO services campaign today. Or check out our SEO services prices here first. If you are skeptic see the detailed success report of the SEO services we provide for one of our clients.


Keyword Research Services For Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research Services

Everyone knows you can typed keywords into Google to buy or learn about something specific. But did you know Google counts how many times a keyword is searched? 

That is right! And here at BEOK Web Design Company we have premium keyword research tools that enable us to analyze any keyword that has been typed into Google. Our keyword research services measure the following metrics for you.

  • Monthly search volume
  • The competitiveness of any give keyword
  • Bonus: “Discover more keywords related to the keyword you originally submitted.”

keyword research services

Why Are Keyword Research Services So Important?

Keyword research services are important because you can discover what keywords are worth trying to rank for before you invest time and money into them. Furthermore, keyword research services allow us to get an idea how much of a monthly investment it will take to get to the 1st page for any given keyword.

Some keywords are very competitive because they have large search volume and other people/businesses have been investing in SEO services to get that particular 1st page ranking. Although we can still rank you to the 1st page for competitive keywords, it just takes longer and costs more.

For example:

Say you sold coffee beans and wanted to rank for the keyword “coffee beans”. Yes, “coffee beans” gets over 90,050 searches per month, but is very competitive (51-100 difficulty) and would cost $$$ per month for a long period of time before you rank 1st page. But say you wanted to rank for the keyword ” best coffee beans “. It gets less traffic (5,400 per month) but only has a (34-100 difficulty).

You would rank much faster for the less competitive keyword. As a result, you would get high quality traffic faster with less investment. Furthermore, you can still make it long term goal to rank for the high traffic keyword. This is because the “coffee beans” keyword is in the “best coffee beans” keyword.

Keyword Competitiveness Research

You may be thinking “…34 and 51 is not a huge gap in keyword competitiveness…”. To put this metric in perspective a keyword competitiveness above 60 is considered extremely difficult for a new web site to rank for. In other words new sites are recommended to go after keywords with competitiveness score of (0 – 40 difficulty). If you need more explanation or have any questions feel free to contact us. We serve nation wide. 


In order to rank on the 1st page of Google you must carefully analyze and plan the specific keywords you want to put into your content. Some keywords are extremely difficult to rank for. This is so because there are many competitors spending $1,000’s to at the top of Google. We have special, premium paid programs that help us analyze Google keyword search statistics. As a result, we are able to skillfully guide your keyword decision. We are great at finding unique, low competition keywords that have a significant monthly search volume.  Consequently, we are able to discover relevant, rank-able keywords for your business. Trust me, this is a big deal that makes all the difference in the world when getting traffic to your website with as little investment as possible. You can do very basic keyword analysis for free at Google Trends.