Affordable Web Design For Small Businesses

Affordable Web Design Services For Small Businesses

When To Go Cheap & When You Should $pend On Quality

There are a lot of affordable web design services available for small businesses today. Whether you are a serious professional, a savy investor, or a DYI “Jack of all trades” person, you can seriously benefit from investing in a website.

Learn how to get cash flow from from assets and why websites are one of the best income producing assets to invest in.

Here are three affordable approaches to producing a professional website:

  1. You can go the less expensive rout. But it requires more of your time, effort and research. That is not always bad thing. WIX is perfect for you if you have extra time and like to learn new things.
  2. But if you are busy and need to get the job done right, you should invest in affordable web design services that guarantee satisfaction and professional results. Contact BEOK Web Design for great prices and guaranteed results.
  3. Take our Free Web Design Course and learn how to build your own professional website under 2 hours. 


Affordable Web Design vs. Cheap Web Design

The cheap rout is a great option if you are intelligent, creative and have extra time to dive into some web design. It’s not rocket science, but it does take creative thought & time to perfect a website. Any modern competent American can figure it out and be successful. WIX makes it really easy to that. You can build and host your own website at a very low cost.

But if you are a small/large business owner or a busy professional, you probably have limited time per day. As a result, you probably do not have the time to build & manage a website. Consequently, you need high quality, affordable web design services. See pricing on the most affordable web design services that deliver 100% satisfaction.

It’s sometimes better in the long run to invest in high quality web design services.

Like I always say “Do it right the first time and $ave time.”

“Small businesses should avoid going really cheap on web design services if they are busy & want a professional online presence.”


BEOK: Affordable Web Design Services That Deliver Professional Results

The web design services found here are perfect for small businesses. Small business owners usually do not have the time or immediate skills to produce a professional website that ranks in search engines. Consequently, we only recommend cheap web design services to those who want to pour time & effort into their website. 

Our high quality websites not only look great, but can be primed & ready to rank on the 1st page of Google & Bing. Ranking on the 1st page on Google and Bing is ever increasingly competitive. As a result, our web design and SEO services pay close attention to the most up to date SEO standards.

We analyze the extensive criteria checklist for ranking in search engines so your website can be found online. “There is really no point to having a great web site if it cannot be found.” –Common Sense

The affordable web design services and SEO options in this price guide can take you to the top of the search engine ranks and look good doing it.

WIX: Another Affordable Web Design Service For Small Businesses

WIX is a great web design option for small business owners who want to build their own website. It is easy to use and is really cheap. There are a lot of people who know nothing about web design and have success building their own website with WIX.


There are many affordable web design services for small businesses available. If you have the time to learn web design, and SEO you can get really far with extremely cheap web design services. WIX is a good option for that. But if you do not have time to jump through all of the web design hoops then you need to find high quality web design services at an affordable price.


Social Media Management Packages

Social Media Management Packages Are Worth Investing Into

You Can Increase SEO Authority & Promote Your Brand In One Expense

Social media management packages are becoming more and more necessary for success in today’s business world. This is because more and more people are spending time and money online.

“The mass use of social media platforms is similar to the TV craze back in the mid 1900’s. It’s not a fad. Consequently, you should start advertising like the pros by investing in a monthly social media package plan before everyone finds out this overlooked truth.”

Social Media Management Packages Can Increase Your Website’s SEO Authority

Social media management packages boost your SEO rankings because Google & Bing analyze the social media platforms linked to your website. They analyze the post content, likes, #hashtags, followers and comments to give your website “points” based on the positive social signals they detected on your social media profiles. As a result, as you consistently sew into your social media assets they will boost the ranking power of your website.

Having SEO authority is the most powerful way to rank #1 on Google & Bing. There are 2 other factors besides investing in social media management packages that build your website’s SEO authority. 

  1. SEO Services – Most effective approach to building domain authority is building backlinks & citations.
  2. Web Content Creation Services- Content is king when it comes to going viral or ranking on search engines for the long haul. Google measures how long users are on your website with Google analytics. Google then uses the and uses the analytics metric to rank your website. We know how to keep people reading and looking on your site. 

But lets continue to focus on the benefit of investing into social media management packages for now.

Investing Into Social Media Management Packages Increases Exposure and Builds Relationships

Social media platforms is the best place to build relationships with people who are interested in your products services and or information. Moreover, your social media platform property assets gives you the opportunity to present yourself or business professionally. All you have to do is put the right content in the right places. Almost everyone logs into one of their social media accounts once a day. So make sure you get noticed in today’s online business world.

Let me be completely honest with you here. Conversion rates from social media platforms are not as good as ranking in search engines. As a result, we suggest investing into social media management packages for 3 main purposes.

  1. Build relationships with real people.
  2. Enhance brand image.
  3. Boost SEO Authority with the organic social signals we consistently generate for you.

When you do get a conversion form your social media platforms, it is like the icing on the cake. But, in some cases we can help you go viral on social media platforms and get tremendous conversion rates. It really depends on the nature of your business or idea and how much you invest into it.

Social Media Management Packages Pricing

It is very important to consistently be active over time on your social media platforms in order to leverage the power of riding the algorithms correctly to get more views (AKA: “impressions”). See the social media management packages below for pricing. (Click image to enlarge).


=>Social Media Management Package Prices are negotiable. We are willing to work out a deal that is fair, affordable and where everyone wins. Contact us for more details.<=