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5 Reasons to Hire Web Content Services (Instead of Creating Content Yourself)

5 Reasons to Hire Web Content Services (Instead of Creating Content Yourself)

When it comes to business visibility, content creation is of utmost importance. The conversion rates of content marketing are way higher than any other online marketing strategy.

According to a survey, more than 60 % of internet users in the United States of America bought a product/service after reading a blog article based on it. Hence, its evident content marketing has a huge effect when it comes to increasing the quantity and quality of leads for a business.

It’s great if a business has the time and expertise to create their own content, but not all companies can afford and manage to hire in-house writers. In this scenario, most businesses choose to employ the services of a content writing agency.

This way, companies can create a lot of content to promote their products/services, as well as outshine competitors without having to spend too much money.

That being said, not all tactics are going to work when it comes to outsourcing of content. Keeping company standards and consistency in the quality of content is not as seamless as it seems, especially when work is outsourced.

It will take some time to build a trusted relationship with the agency you have outsourced your content to; once you get past that stage, it will be a breeze to get professionally executed work.

On that note, let’s take a deeper look at a few of the tried and tested reasons why it’s wise to hire web content writing services instead of doing it all by yourself.

1. You will have more time to focus on your business’ core activities.

One of the primary reasons why outsourcing your content makes sense is you and your team already have a lot on your plate.

Let’s be honest, brainstorming new content ideas to engage readers, writing, proofreading, optimizing, and posting is a full-time job in itself. Not to mention other important chores, including the promotion of the published content across social media channels and replying to comments and messages. You obviously do not have enough time to do all this by yourself.

You have got only limited hours in a day, and you need to invest that time on tasks that are more important to the success of your business. This could mean focusing on the development of a mobile application if you’re a developer or handling other core activities if you are the company owner.

While you might be a jack of all trades, the decision to produce content all by yourself is not the tactic most businesses would adopt. If you truly want the right words to go on your website so that potential customers can find you and make a purchase, you need a professional copywriter.

A professional content writer will add value to your internal team and bring your business plenty of leads. Yes, it might cost you some money but will give you ample time to concentrate more on your strengths and returns that are sure to exceed your initial investment.

2. Your pages will rank higher on the search engines.

We already touched on this briefly, but it’s necessary to talk about it again!

Your target audience should be able to find you in order to read your content and eventually make a purchase. Now, this means they either follow you on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, or they have subscribed to your newsletter. But obviously, that’s not always the case. This is why you need your blog articles and web pages to rank higher on the search engines to increase your views and sales.

  •     More than 90 percent of the things online are found using Google search engine.
  •     Meticulous and well-organized use of keywords lets Google know that your content is relevant. Using subheadings, easy to understand language, and short paragraphs can really help your page go up on the google searches.
  •     That said, merely having good content won’t help. Google gives consideration to web pages that are able to exhibit E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)

Let’s face it; even if you’re a great writer who has a way with words, you might struggle when it comes to optimizing the content for search engines. When you hire an agency or freelance writer for that matter, they will know exactly how to work with your internal team to create content that gives authoritative prowess your target audience has confidence in.

They are professionals in their field, having years of experience, an in-depth understanding of the search engine algorithms, so you can be sure to see a boost in your site rankings and conversions in no time.

3. Outsourced content is cheaper than employing an in-house writer and will generate higher ROI.

Outsourcing content is so much cheaper than hiring a full-time writer. Think about it; it will cost you nothing less than $30000-$50000 a year if you employ an inhouse writer. Not to mention the costs associated with IT, training, medical insurance, and other overheads that can quickly add up to become tens of thousands of bucks.

With outsourcing, it’s different and simple; all you have to pay for is the produced content and nothing else at all. Super cost-effective, isn’t it?!

While the cost for outsourcing content creation will differ from agency to agency, professional writing services are worth the money spent. It makes no sense to desire exceptional results with a frugal budget. More often than not, a well-paid writer will put in extra efforts for the project he/she has been generously compensated for. Every dollar you spend on outsourcing content will net you a greater return on your investment.

Still not convinced?

Alright, what if we told you that you could easily measure your ROI? A few things that can be comfortably tracked include:

  •     The increased traffic and leads on a particular blog article or web page.
  •     A boost in the number of followers, shares, comments, and messages on various social media handles.
  •     A growth in your business revenue, succeeding the outsourcing of your content.

Publishing content that is well-written and optimized for search engines regularly is sure to drive customers to make a buying decision. All in all, outsourcing content production will help you reach your business goals sooner.

4. You can take advantage of the expert voice and a varied point of view.

 You know your business inside out. That’s a fact.

Nobody knows the product or service you sell better than you do. You might have stories to share and want to get your point of view across in the blog article. So, in theory, it makes sense if you write the content all by yourself.

If you employ a copywriter to outsource your content, they will have some catching up to do- there is no getting around it. That said, an expert copywriter will know how to take your viewpoint and come up with the right words to convey it.

As mentioned in previous points, also, just being a good writer is not enough. You need someone who has the chops when it comes to web content writing; let’s see why:

  •     They can express your ideas and viewpoint in a way that you might have never considered or overlooked.
  •     A seasoned copywriter can use his/her experience to give a fresh take on your industry and come up with unique blog topics.
  •     Over the years, they have worked with a number of clients and can help you learn a thing or two beyond what you already know.  
  •     Professional writers have immense experience with the latest technology and can use that to your advantage. This could mean using the latest keyword planner or using upgraded editing software.
  •     It’s easy to burn out if you’re writing content day in and day out, and this boredom will reflect in the written piece. However, a seasoned writer will make sure the spark and enthusiasm in writing remain.

5. Outsourcing will give you a lot of flexibility.

It’s understandable if you are still considering to employ a full-time writer as part of your internal team. However, have you ever thought about the likelihood of being stuck with this copywriter when clearly, he/she does not understand your needs or produce enough content to meet the demand?

With outsourcing, it’s a different situation altogether- there is a lot of flexibility. You can quickly employ more copywriters to meet your increased content production needs. If you’re not satisfied with the work of a specific writer or want to try someone who can bring fresh ideas to the table, you can hire another person.

Not just this, depending on your industry’ seasonal variations, you can easily scale up your content production as you expand your horizons or scale down during times when investing in content might not seem so fruitful.

Final thoughts

You obviously have a pretty clear picture of where you want to see your company in the next few months, two years, and a decade down the road.

It’s no brainer that you would do anything to reach your business goals. Hence, it makes sense to utilize the services of a professional writing agency that helps you outshine your competitors and bring you a high return on investment in the form of increased website visits, engagement, and conversions.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary With Real Life Application

Build An Affordable, Income Producing Asset Today

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary

This Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary Has 10X Less Words Than The Full Book

This summary of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki is worth reading because the lessons learned in this book promote healthy and successful perspective about money. This summary will also give you real life application on how to build and acquire income producing assets with low initial investment costs.

The main take away from this book is: “The Rich Spend Their Time and Money On Building & Acquiring Assets. The poor spend their time and money acquiring liabilities.”

Article: Get Cash Flow From Assets | Best Income Producing Assets To Invest In

Three routs to build and acquire assets online:

  1. Contact us to build a professional, monetized website for you.
  2. Use WIX to easily build a monetized website on your own.
  3. Take our Free Web Design Course to learn how to build your own professional website in under 2 hours.
  4. Find out why the 5 Reasons to Hire Web Content Services to professionals instead of doing it yourself.

This Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary will shift your paradigm about money, wealth and finances the way rich people think. This is not a get rich quick book. But rather it is a book that gives you an inside look to the thought process of rich person vs. a poor person.

The lessons learned in this Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary are practical lessons that will open your eyes to new realities.

  • Explore the myth that you need a high income to become rich, especial because you can build and acquire assets online.
  • Learn why building and acquiring assets is more important to you financial future than a big paycheck.
  • Learn about tax breaks you get by building income generating assets.
  • Challenge your belief that the home you “own” and live in is an asset.- Your home is an asset if you rent it out and make a for a profit each month.
  • Be reminded that the school systems do not teach kids how to properly manage wealth and finances.
  • Learn for yourself how to manage money properly so that you can teach your kids properly. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary: Introduction – “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

“What The Rich Teach Their Kids That The Poor & Middle Class Do Not”

Robert had 2 Dads teach him about money since a child. His biological father was the Poor Dad and his friend Mike’s father was the Rich Dad. They were both very hard working and smart. The Poor Dad had multiple college degrees and even a Ph.D. They both had successful careers, substantial incomes, were charismatic and influential…

The Rich Dad died leaving $10’s of millions of dollars to his family, churches, charities. The Poor Dad died leaving his family debt.

This happened because The Rich Dad and the The Poor Dad thought differently about money.

Rich Dad vs. Poor Dad

The “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Introduction Contrasts the different thought patterns of a rich person and a poor person.

Poor Dad: “The reason I am not rich is because of you kids.”

Rich Dad: “I need to find out how to be rich for you kids.”

Poor Dad: Discourage talking about money, business, and finance around the dinner table.

Rich Dad: Encouraged talking about money, business, and finance around the dinner table.

Poor Dad: “When it comes to risk it is better to play it safe.”

Rich Dad: ” Let’s learn how to manage risk.”

Poor Dad: ” Our home is our greatest investment and best asset.”

Rich Dad: “If you live in the house and are not renting out to make a profit each month, it is a liability.”

The rest of this Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary will cover the 6 lessons Robert learned from his Rich Dad. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary:

Chapter 1- Lesson 1: The Rich Don’t Work For Their Money

Robert’s poor dad gave him the advice; “…to be rich you have to learn how to make money.” So 9 year old Robert and Mike collected all the lead toothpaste tubes from their neighbors (this was 1956). They melted them down and made nickles with them. Robert’s poor dad sat down and told him about how counterfeiting money is illegal.

The poor dad suggested to meet with Mike’s dad to ask him how he manages and makes money. Mike’s dad is rich. In fact he is the “Rich Dad”.

The rich dad agrees to meet with Robert and Mike under strict conditions. He then offers them a job on every Saturday for 3 hours @ $.10 per hour and he will teach them how to be rich. Robert said he had a baseball games to play on Saturdays. But rich dad said take it or leave it. Robert chose to sacrifice playing to work and learn.

Choosing to work and learn over playing and relaxing is a choice we all must make.

Take our Free Web Design Course to learn how to build your own professional website in under 2 hours.

Robert & Mike both work for 3 hours per week @ $.10 per hour as agreed upon. Eventually Robert decided to quite because Rich Dad hasn’t taught him anything yet and is working like a slave.

So Robert goes to Poor Dad to quit. Robert was very angry and so was his Dad (Poor Dad). He said rich Dad was cheap and was violating child labor laws.

Rich Dad actually was making Robert angry on purpose to show him the lesson that life pushes you around and you have to learn how how to deal with it. Most submit and give up and stay in a poor mindset. But like Robert, some fight, blame and and complain. The good news about the fighter is He can learn to channel their anger into something positive. Anger plus love produces passion.

Poor people play it safe because they let fear govern their life. Rich people let passion make money decisions. As a result, poor people work for money and rich people have money work for them

Lesson #1: The Poor Work For Money and The Rich Have Money Work For Them

Learning how to have money work for you is a life long study. A big part of that study is learning the nature of fear and desire. the desire drives you in and the fear drives you out. Rich people think about money logically and poor people think about money emotionally (fear/desire).

Emotion is not a bad thing. In fact it is defined as: energy in motion. It is what makes us human. The rich learn to use emotion to think, while the poor think with their emotions

Some rich people are motivated by fear, but except the fear of being poor, they fear losing everything.

Leaning how to master these dynamics of life takes a lifetime. Most people do not know how to deal with these life lessons and adopt psychotic mind sets. These psychotic mindsets cause people to horde money, adopt money avoidance lifestyles, and makes people who work 8 hours a day for money to say “I don’t care about money.” These psychotic tendencies must be uprooted from you life in order to to be truly rich.

It is important to learn to stop worrying about money and worrying about getting the next paycheck. one must be willing to work for free to learn or get access to resources. It is all about perspective and practicing not to make decisions based on fear, need and lack. Adopting this perspective results in opening doors to learning how to have money work for you instead of you spending your life working for money.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary:

Chapter 2 – Lesson 2: Why Teach Financial Literacy?

“It’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep”

Future Mike continued to runs his Dad’s empire better than Rich Dad and is teach his kids to do the same. Robert end up retiring in his 40’s with assets so large they sustain themselves. Roberts says he watered it for years then one day it did not need him anymore. The roots were so deep and in place, the asset began to produce all on it’s own.

Many people ask Robert; What’s your secret? How do i make millions.” Robert is reminded of a 1923 a group of the Richest leaders and business men gathered together at Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago. Among them was Charles Schwab, the President of the New York Stock Exchange and 7 other big hitters.

25 years later a lot of them died broke or committed suicide. Think about it the great depression was in 1929.

We live in a time where things are changing faster than ever before. This is good reason for concern because many people think too much about money and they may have built a metaphysical/physical house on sand and if it lost may cause big time negative psychological consequences.

Being flexible, open minded and willing to learn is crucial for your sanity when it comes to money and life in general.

Having money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.

It’s not how much money you make it is how much money you keep.

So when people ask Robert how to be rich they get disappointed because he simply says; “You must be financially literate.”

Accounting may be the most boring subjects but may be the most important long term knowledge to maintain wealth.

Luckily, having a strong accounting knowledge is not difficult. The simple principals can be taught to children. In fact Rich Dad did simple line drawings for Mike and Robert when they were pre-teens and as their empires grew their accounting knowledge became more sophisticated.

Accounting Rule #1: Know The Difference Between An Asset And A Liability

Knowing the difference between an asset and a liability is the 1st and only accounting rule you need to know. It seems to simple but it is time to KISS (Keep.It.Simple.Stupid).

Rich Dad said that rich people build and acquire assets ans poor people acquire things they thing are assets. As a result, the secret to being rich is learning what an asset is and learn how to acquire them. It’s that simple!

The reason not everyone acquires assets to become rich is they do not know the difference between an asset an a liability. It really only boils down to that simple concept. It is so simple that the concept escapes most. Do not let that happen to you!

This simple concept even passed the financially educated professionals. They were educated to see things through a scholastic mind set instead a of a real life practical yet simple financial truths.

There is literacy and financial literacy. If you look up the definition of “asset” and “liability” you may get confused, not because of your intelligence but because over educated literacy can confuse matters for what they are.

Don’t be proud, let’s learn something new and KISS. An asset puts money in your pocket and a liability takes money out of your pocket.

A lot of financial “professionals” disagree with this simple approach, but it really boils down to what works. Not what 1923 Charles Schwab thinks.

Take a look at the following simple diagrams that will teach you the foundation of your accounting knowledge. The arrows represent the flow of cash.

Cash Flow Pattern Of An Asset


The top chart is the Income Statement. This is also known as a “Profit-and-Loss Statement. It measures income and expenses (money in, money out).

The bottom chart is the Balance Sheet and balances your assets and liabilities.

Most financial professionals do not even understand the vital relationship between an Income Statement and a Balance Sheet.

Cash Flow Pattern Of A Liability


No that you This basic concept is really all you need to know about accounting. If you want to be rich just continue to build, acquire and buy assets.

Assets put money into your pockets weather you are working or not. This is called “Passive Income”.

As you can tell you do not have to be extremely smart to become wealthy. Thank God!

Cash Flow Pattern Of A Poor Person


Cash Flow Pattern Of A Middle Class Person


Cash Flow Pattern Of A Rich Person


These visual aids are over simplified to give you a mental picture. Everyone has food, clothes and shelter expenses. Cash flow tells the real story when it comes to money.

Some people think that having more money would solve their financial problems, but sometimes it only compounds them. You hear about the lottery winners ans famous icons make millions only to become broke.

Even highly educated professionals like doctors have spent their whole life learning how to make and work for money. But they never learned how to mange their money and struggle in the long run. This is called financial aptitude.

The Quest For Financial Freedom & The American Dream Becomes A Nightmare

You have two newly weds. they both just got out of college and are happy and ready to take on the world. They advance in their careers, their family grows everyone is happy!

But they realize that as their income went up so did their expenses. New car, bigger house, credit card debt, liabilities, utilities, toys etc…

They are now trapped in the rat race trying to keep up with all of the expenses and liabilities they have acquired. Financial literacy would have prevented them from running into this problem because they would have acquired assets instead.

To apply a rich mindset one must utilize the power of self-knowledge a decision making. It’s deciding to listen to that inner genius and wisdom instead of following the crowd.

The people who don’t listen to their inner wisdom and follow crowd believe and parrot things like: “Diversify”, “Your home is an asset.”, “Your home is your biggest investment”, “You get tax breaks for going into greater debt.”, “Get a safe job.”, “Don’t make mistakes.”, “Don’t take risks.”

The fear of being different is what prevents people from solving problems in new ways.

That fear keeps people in the mindset that says; “Play it safe.”, “Get a loan consolidation and get out of debt.”, “Work harder.”, “Some day i’ll be Vice President.”, ” Save money.” “When I get a raise I am going to buy a house.”, “Mutual Funds are safe.”

When Mike and Robert were 16 years old they began to separate from the crowd. not because they were bad, but because they did not follow how to crowd thought.

When you stop following the crowd you gain a new perspective that advantageous. For instance, at a young age Mike & Robert learned how learn from intelligent people. They learned that intelligent people hire people that are more intelligent that they are. Moreover, they learned that school forced people to follow a certain set of procedures and not deviate from the rules destroys creativity.

At a young age Mike and Robert began to understand why Rich Dad said that schools were designed to create employees, not good employers.

Your Home Is Not An Asset


Many people challenge the fact that their home is not an asset. Emotions tend to run high when it comes to their home and money. Higher emotions about money, lowers financial intelligence.

Many people get excited about buying a home. so what happens is, in stead of building an investment portfolio or income generating asset they purchase a home they can barley afford and are trapped in a 30 year agreement.

Buying a home is a good thing. But when you understand the difference between an asset an a liability you will think like a rich person and build and acquire assets that can pay for that new home first…. Rich Dad Thinking

Poor Dad thinking always acquires liabilities that are bigger than their assets. and yes a home is an asset.

Why The Rich Get Richer

The rich build and acquire assets that are always bigger than their liabilities when you look at their financial statement. As a result there is always more money coming in than going out.

Why The Middle Class Struggles

Their expenses tend to increase as their salary increases. They work for money their whole life but never build assets larger than their liabilities.

Modern USA Debt Problem Caused By Thinking Your Home Is Your Biggest Investment &

A Pay Raise Means “Bigger House/Car”

Many people say that mutual funds are safe, hence their popularity. Most mutual fund buyers are busy paying bills, taxes, kid’s school and many other things. As a result, it is hard for them to take time to gain more financial intelligence. So they purchase mutual funds as “safe” investments to “play it safe” and “avoid risks”. Financial illiteracy is the real risk.

Some say to work harder to get ahead. Nothing  beats hard work. Except hard work combined with smart work. If you decide to put your head down and hard hard all of you life. You are respected highly. But there is a better way. Build and acquire those assets before you purchase that liability your are lusting for.

The real synergistic way to build your asset column is to take the excess profits generated from your current assets and investing it back into the assets column to make your current assets even larger.

Left Hemisphere Moment: Look at the numbers and learn how to read what story they are telling. Assets put money in your pockets. Liabilities take them away.

Right Hemisphere Moment: Balance sheets help give you a mental picture of where money flows in different people’s lives.

Sub-conscience Moment: The fear of being different and ostracized keeps people following the pack, never breaking through.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary:

Chapter 3 – Lesson 3: Mind Your Own Business

“The Poor focus on their income statements. The Rich focus on their asset columns.”

The owner of McDonalds made a speech at a college campus and asked the students what business he is in. Someone boldly said, “The hamburger business of course!” But Ray Kroc replied, ” I thought you would say that. No, i am in the real estate business.”

Today, McDonalds is the top real estate owner in the world. Who would have thought? He has real estate working in the background while everyone thinks hamburgers is his main deal. This is Rich Dad thinking.

This brings us to Lesson #3: Mind your own Business

Most people spend their lives working for someone else before they work for themselves. They work for their boss.

For instance, a Banker who does his job everyday does mind his won business. He is minding a much larger business. Which is fine, but it is important to have your own business too. Even if that business only generates passive income.

Your business revolves around you assets. It’s fine to be employed by a large company, don’t quit your job or anything. But it is time to use some of that income that work have it work for you. You can do that by building and acquiring assets.

Many people complain the “They need a raise!” But the reality is they need a financial foundation so they can take risks and have their money work for them (assets).

Our culture is so conditioned to the Poor Dad mentality that Robert tried to get a loan to purchase more real estate and they declined him because he made too much money on rental properties. They wanted to see that he made a salary as as professional like all the other “normal” people.

When people say that their net worth is $1 million or $100,000 Robert cringes because when you sell those assets you taxed on the gains.

Net worth is “Worth-Less”

Keep your daytime job and and start buying assets. Parents need to teach kids who are still at home the difference between a liability and real asset.

Anyone can be a rich dad with the correct mind set.

Best Assets to Invest In

  • Business that does require your presence
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Notes (IOU’s)
  • Income-generating real estate
  • Royalties from intellectual properties: books, music, software, intellectual property, etc..”
  • Anything else that generate income or appreciates: websites, investment diamonds, silver, gold, and more

Poor Dad always taught Robert to do what you love. Rich Dad taught Robert build and acquire assets you love.

Today Robert enjoys starting companies, but no running them. And really enjoys real estate investment assets. Today there are more asset opportunities than ever before. The more financial literacy you have the better you are able to analyze income statements and balance sheets like a Rich Dad.

It is vital to look at each dollar as a little employee who is working for you. You do not want to take employees (money) out or your assets. And if you want luxuries make sure you buy them last. Rich people buy their flashy luxury items last. It’s like a reward.

Websites are the best assets to invest in that generate cash flow because their require low upfront investments and require little capital.

After you have taken some time in building and acquiring assets. It is time to learn one of the biggest secrets of the Rich.

Left Hemisphere Moment: When assets generate enough to cover luxuries that’s when you can buy them.

Right Hemisphere Moment: Think creatively, not professionally.

Sub-conscience Moment: Acquire assets you love, you will take better care of them and enjoy learning about them.

This secret puts the rich way ahead of the pack.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary:

Chapter 4 – Lesson 4:

“The History Of Taxes & The Power Of A Corporation”

“My Rich Dad Played The Game smart & He did it with The Secret Of The Rich: “Corporations”

Rich Dad always has seen Robin Hood (the one who steals from the rich and gives to the poor) as a thief. The reason the middle class is taxed so heavily is because of the Robin Hood mentality. Especially the upper-middle class.

Poor Dad was an expert at the history of education and Rich Dad was an expert in the history of taxes.

Rich Dad explained how there use to be no taxes. Taxes were only needed during a war. For instance, in 1861-1865 America used taxes to pay for the Civil War.

But then the government made it a permanent thing and eventually became legal by passing the 16th amendment. The whole motivation was to tax (punish) the rich.

But that approach only back fired be cause the government’s hunger for more taxes only grew and those taxes eventually had to paid for by everyone.

Rich Dad is a capitalist and poor dad is a bureaucrat. As a result, their success is is based on opposite behaviors.

In government large organizations are respected organizations. Bureaucrats get applause for being large and having a lot of employees. Capitalists get applause for creating organizations that have little to no employees because it costs less. This attracts investors.

Rich Dad avoids taxes and liabilities by using a Corporation as a vehicle to limit risk of their assets.

Corporation & Personal Income Statement & Balance Sheet


Utilizing a corporation as a vehicle to hold your assets is the best way to avoid taxes. Many people submit to all the taxes that come their way. This is the way of the poor. The Rich do their homework to learn how to avoid taxes in a legal way. They go out of their way and spend time learning the things they need to know.

If you own a corporation your Earn, Spend, Then Pay Taxes. If you work for a corporation you Earn, Pay Taxes and then spend. When a corporation spends before they pay taxes they have less taxable income. Hence less taxes to pay.

Left Hemisphere Moment: Accounting id financial literacy that requires more accuracy the more money you manage.

Right Hemisphere Moment: Investing is a science that involves formulas and creativity.

Sub-conscience Moment: Understanding the market of supply and demand is crucial. And the technical details are emotional.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary:

Chapter 5: The Rich Invent Money

Often In The Real World It’s Not The Smart Who Get Ahead But The Bold

We all have tremendous potential and are blesses with special talents and gifts. But the one thing that kills our progression in life is our self doubt. It is not a lack of technical education, it is a lack of self-confidence that keeps us from obtaining our goals.

When when there is too much fear in someone’s life the genius one possesses is then suppressed and makes no difference to others or themselves.

As you develop financial IQ it gives you more options and gives you more avenues to travel down to make money, or avoid having to pay too much money. But even with all of the financial IQ in the world, if you still have fear you will not make it as far. Boldness is key.

Many people work too hard because they cling to old ideas and never take that extra step to get out of their comfortable familiar situation. But as we learn and obtain boldness we can achieve much more and become excited about making millions instead of fearing not having the next pay check. They resist change rather than embracing and celebrating it. But your better than that.

Investing in financial IQ is one of the biggest things that can totally change your life. It will open your eyes to all the possibilities out there and will make exponential differences to how you see the world. The biggest asset you have is your mind. If you train it well it can generate millions.

When your financial IQ is developed and you understand regulations, terminology and how things work you can leverage assets and make them work for you. The author Robert Kiyosaki has many examples of selling real estate is ways that made him a lot of money all because of his financial literacy.

Left Hemisphere Moment: You can turn small amounts of money into large amounts of money by astute, well timed investment opportunities and selling moments.

Right Hemisphere Moment: Look back at your experiences and use them personal trainers. You don’t always need a teacher.

Sub-conscience Moment: We all have tremendous potential. But underlying self-doubt and fear will hold us back.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary:

Chapter 6: Work To Learn – Don’t Work For Money

Job Security Meant Everything To My Educated Dad – Learning Meant Everything To My Rich Dad

Financial intelligence is a synergy of accounting, investing, marketing and law. Many well trained professionals are one step away from big success. One well written educated newspaper journalist was offended at the advice that she should go to a sales-person school. And Robert pointed her to the his book cover. It stated “Best Selling Book” not “Best Written Book”. This was offensive to her and is a sign that we simply do not take the step necessary to be successful.

Robert suggested to her that she should have got a job at an advertising firm and worked on her book on the weekends. then she could publish the book and then become a best selling author. But she wanted to remain a newspaper columnist instead to play it safe with job security.

So the choice is job security or work to learn. That is the big choice we have to make if we want to make it to the next level.

Left Hemisphere Moment: It does not make sense to leave a well paying job to purse more knowledge, but in the long run it is worth it.

Right Hemisphere Moment: Learning skills outside your profession will benefit you.

Sub-conscience Moment: the situation you fear the most is the thing you need to conquer. It is like going to the gym, you will be glad you did it.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary:

Chapter 7: Overcoming Obstacles

The Primary Difference Between A Rich Person And A Poor Person Is How The Manage Fear

  1. Fear
  2. Cynicism
  3. Laziness
  4. Bad Habits
  5. Arrogance


No one likes loosing money. But the rich are not afraid of loosing and are willing to take risks and not play it safe. Some poor people never lose a dime (investing that is).

Failure inspiring winners and failure defeats losers.


Whether it is doubt in ourselves or doubt in other, it keeps us from taking action. We let opportunities pass us by when they are right in front of us. Try not to let negativity stop you from taking action.


The most common form of laziness is staying buys. No time to get financial literacy, take care of family or health. Surprising right?! Make sure you are not sing business to ignore important things in your life.

Bad Habits

Build good habits in your mind. Poor dad always wanted to pay everyone else fist and himself last to alleviate pressure. Make sure you [ay yourself fist even if money is tight.


Get educated in other areas other than your profession.

Left Hemisphere Moment: Analyze instead of criticize. Winners analyze, losers criticize.

Right Hemisphere Moment: Overcome bad habits. For instance, pay yourself first instead of last.

Sub-conscience Moment: Fear of failure keep most of the people out of the game. Let fear inspire you instead of stop you.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary:

Chapter 8: Getting Started

Gold Is Everywhere, Most Just Are Not Trained To See It

We are taught that the love of many is the root of all evil. And it is true but this mantra when not studied correctly puts people in a mindset locked in iron that keeps them afraid to keep their eyes open for great opportunities.

Find a reason bigger than reality. “The Spirit”

If you don’t have long term vision and sense of purpose behind what you are doing you wont have the passion and the drive to do what it takes to get things done.

Make Daily Choices: The Power Of Choice

Your spending habits determine who you are. Make sure you are not spending all of your money on self indulgent items. Spend money on seminars, books, CD’s learning and other vehicles that will make you money. Some can spend $350 on a seminar that can make $2 million.

Choose Friends Carefully: Power Of Association

Do not listen to the poor or freighting people. It is better to be around people who will encourage you, excite you and motivate you to be better.

 Master A Formula And Then Learn A New One: Power Of Learning Quickly

Be careful what you learn and incorporate multiple formulas. Do not stick one formula the way the masses do, pay bills, taxes and personal needs. Find the other formulas that make you wealthy.

Pay Your Brokers Well

The amount of money you make from a goof broker or a good lead generator makes a big difference. If you treat them well they will bring you much more money in the long run.

Be An Indian Giver

Try to get what you put into the investment column back as fast as you possibly can

Use Assets To Buy Luxuries

We all love luxuries, but you want to make sure you are purchasing fro the overflow of you assets not from your baseline income.

Have Heroes To Look To

When you do this you tap into their genius. find people you look up to and follow their footsteps in your own unique way.

Teach And You Shall Receive: The Power Of Giving

Be generous in what you have and it will come back to you. Teach people valuable information and you will be taught what you need to know when you need it.

Left Hemisphere Moment: Use self discipline to pay yourself first.

Right Hemisphere Moment: Keep your mind open to new ideas and doing things different.

Sub-conscience Moment: Harness deep seated reasons to become rich. It will motivate you and drive you where you need to be.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary:

Chapter 9: To do’s

  • Stop doing what you are doing.
  • Look for new ideas.
  • Find someone who has done what you want to do.
  • Take Classes, Read, Attend Seminars.
  • Make lots of offers.
  • Scope the field and look for changes.
  • Shop for bargains.
  • Look in the right places.
  • Look for people who want to buy first. Then for for people who want to sell.
  • Think Big.
  • Learn From History.
  • Action always beats non-action.

Affordable Web Design For Small Businesses

Affordable Web Design Services For Small Businesses

When To Go Cheap & When You Should $pend On Quality

There are a lot of affordable web design services available for small businesses today. Whether you are a serious professional, a savy investor, or a DYI “Jack of all trades” person, you can seriously benefit from investing in a website.

Learn how to get cash flow from from assets and why websites are one of the best income producing assets to invest in.

Here are three affordable approaches to producing a professional website:

  1. You can go the less expensive rout. But it requires more of your time, effort and research. That is not always bad thing. WIX is perfect for you if you have extra time and like to learn new things.
  2. But if you are busy and need to get the job done right, you should invest in affordable web design services that guarantee satisfaction and professional results. Contact BEOK Web Design for great prices and guaranteed results.
  3. Take our Free Web Design Course and learn how to build your own professional website under 2 hours. 


Affordable Web Design vs. Cheap Web Design

The cheap rout is a great option if you are intelligent, creative and have extra time to dive into some web design. It’s not rocket science, but it does take creative thought & time to perfect a website. Any modern competent American can figure it out and be successful. WIX makes it really easy to that. You can build and host your own website at a very low cost.

But if you are a small/large business owner or a busy professional, you probably have limited time per day. As a result, you probably do not have the time to build & manage a website. Consequently, you need high quality, affordable web design services. See pricing on the most affordable web design services that deliver 100% satisfaction.

It’s sometimes better in the long run to invest in high quality web design services.

Like I always say “Do it right the first time and $ave time.”

“Small businesses should avoid going really cheap on web design services if they are busy & want a professional online presence.”


BEOK: Affordable Web Design Services That Deliver Professional Results

The web design services found here are perfect for small businesses. Small business owners usually do not have the time or immediate skills to produce a professional website that ranks in search engines. Consequently, we only recommend cheap web design services to those who want to pour time & effort into their website. 

Our high quality websites not only look great, but can be primed & ready to rank on the 1st page of Google & Bing. Ranking on the 1st page on Google and Bing is ever increasingly competitive. As a result, our web design and SEO services pay close attention to the most up to date SEO standards.

We analyze the extensive criteria checklist for ranking in search engines so your website can be found online. “There is really no point to having a great web site if it cannot be found.” –Common Sense

The affordable web design services and SEO options in this price guide can take you to the top of the search engine ranks and look good doing it.

WIX: Another Affordable Web Design Service For Small Businesses

WIX is a great web design option for small business owners who want to build their own website. It is easy to use and is really cheap. There are a lot of people who know nothing about web design and have success building their own website with WIX.


There are many affordable web design services for small businesses available. If you have the time to learn web design, and SEO you can get really far with extremely cheap web design services. WIX is a good option for that. But if you do not have time to jump through all of the web design hoops then you need to find high quality web design services at an affordable price.


Social Media Management Packages

Social Media Management Packages Are Worth Investing Into

You Can Increase SEO Authority & Promote Your Brand In One Expense

Social media management packages are becoming more and more necessary for success in today’s business world. This is because more and more people are spending time and money online.

“The mass use of social media platforms is similar to the TV craze back in the mid 1900’s. It’s not a fad. Consequently, you should start advertising like the pros by investing in a monthly social media package plan before everyone finds out this overlooked truth.”

Social Media Management Packages Can Increase Your Website’s SEO Authority

Social media management packages boost your SEO rankings because Google & Bing analyze the social media platforms linked to your website. They analyze the post content, likes, #hashtags, followers and comments to give your website “points” based on the positive social signals they detected on your social media profiles. As a result, as you consistently sew into your social media assets they will boost the ranking power of your website.

Having SEO authority is the most powerful way to rank #1 on Google & Bing. There are 2 other factors besides investing in social media management packages that build your website’s SEO authority. 

  1. SEO Services – Most effective approach to building domain authority is building backlinks & citations.
  2. Web Content Creation Services- Content is king when it comes to going viral or ranking on search engines for the long haul. Google measures how long users are on your website with Google analytics. Google then uses the and uses the analytics metric to rank your website. We know how to keep people reading and looking on your site. 

But lets continue to focus on the benefit of investing into social media management packages for now.

Investing Into Social Media Management Packages Increases Exposure and Builds Relationships

Social media platforms is the best place to build relationships with people who are interested in your products services and or information. Moreover, your social media platform property assets gives you the opportunity to present yourself or business professionally. All you have to do is put the right content in the right places. Almost everyone logs into one of their social media accounts once a day. So make sure you get noticed in today’s online business world.

Let me be completely honest with you here. Conversion rates from social media platforms are not as good as ranking in search engines. As a result, we suggest investing into social media management packages for 3 main purposes.

  1. Build relationships with real people.
  2. Enhance brand image.
  3. Boost SEO Authority with the organic social signals we consistently generate for you.

When you do get a conversion form your social media platforms, it is like the icing on the cake. But, in some cases we can help you go viral on social media platforms and get tremendous conversion rates. It really depends on the nature of your business or idea and how much you invest into it.

Social Media Management Packages Pricing

It is very important to consistently be active over time on your social media platforms in order to leverage the power of riding the algorithms correctly to get more views (AKA: “impressions”). See the social media management packages below for pricing. (Click image to enlarge).


=>Social Media Management Package Prices are negotiable. We are willing to work out a deal that is fair, affordable and where everyone wins. Contact us for more details.<=

Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses

Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses | SEO Services Provider

Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses Is Extremely Valuable

SEO services are absolutely necessary in today’s business world because it gets you to the 1st page of Google. Everyone goes to Google for everything. Furthermore, SEO services is the most effective marketing avenue worthy of investing time and money into. This is because the marketing audience generated from SEO services is virtually 100% relevant traffic (AKA “Hot Leads”).

Affordable SEO services for small businesses has a quantitative monetary value, but the results from effective SEO services can potentially be priceless. For example, say you purchased SEO services for your small business that cost $250 per month.

After a few months let’s say you begin to rank on the 1st page of Google for a handful of relevant keywords. Let’s say these keywords get on avergage 1,000’s of searches per month. That is a very large audience. Over 12,000 annual HOT LEADS to be exact. Your business would take off and go to the next level. As a result, your life would change for the better. (in a business sense)… Priceless.

Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses

SEO Services For Small Businesses Is Extremely Effective

Most small businesses spend money on local ads and publications. This is one of the most effective local marketing avenues available. The only problem is they can sometimes be expensive and it is usually a one time exposure.

Furthermore, the audience that reads the ad or article may not even be interested what you have to offer. As a result, some of your seeds will fall hard ground and not produce any leads or sales at all.

As a result, investing in SEO services is the most effective marketing strategy. This is because ranking for specific keywords on Google results in generating HOT LEADS. Customers & clients literally COME TO YOU for what you have to offer. And since your on the 1st page new leads are generated day after day, after day. This is the beauty of investing into affordable SEO services for your small business. It’s a valuable investment that truly pays off.

Search Engine Optimization not a one time marketing expense that may or may not generate results. SEO is a tried and true marketing strategy that trumps a lot of other digital marketing strategies. SEO services even yields more results than Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns because 70% of Google searches click on organic results and <30% on PPC ads.

BEOK Web Design Company Provides Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses

Our SEO services for small businesses is so effective because we provide premium keyword research services that allow us to analyze the monthly volume and ranking competitiveness of any keyword you can think of. Furthermore, we are able to discover a myriad new Google search phrases related to your business. This is seriously powerful stuff and truly a revolutionary digital marketing advantage.

The sooner you start investing in affordable SEO services for your small business the sooner you will see the benefits. On average it takes anywhere to 3-6 months to rank on the 1st page of Google. Some really competitive keywords may take up to 2 years to rank on the 1st page of Google for.

So start today so your small business can have a better tomorrow. Contact us to begin your SEO services campaign today. Or check out our SEO services prices here first. If you are skeptic see the detailed success report of the SEO services we provide for one of our clients.


Get Cash Flow From Assets | Best Income Producing Assets To Invest In

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” Approach To

Get Cash Flow From Assets Online &

Invest In Income Producing Assets 

Read this article to the end to really learn how get cash flow from assets the way “Rich Dad Poor Dad” teaches.
There is one thing rich people do that poor people do not do. That #1 thing is building, acquiring and buying assets.

You can build websites that generate passive income. This constitutes as an asset.

Three routs to building assets online:

  1. Contact us to build a professional, monetized website for you.
  2. Use WIX to easily build a monetized website on your own.
  3. Take our Free Web Design Course to learn how to build your own professional, monetized website under 2 hours.

Asset Myths

Myth:” I’m on the right road here, I am a home owner. My home is a great asset.”

Unfortunately you are wrong.

Even if you have it all paid off. As long as you are living in the home it is not an income producing asset. But, if you moved out of the house and rented it out for a profit, your house would then be qualified to be called an income producing asset.

Myth: “I don’t have time or money to obtain assets. They are expensive and require a high investment. I don’t want to put a large down payment on anything.”

Fortunately, you are wrong.

Keep reading and learn how to acquire income producing assets online with low investment costs and do not require a large down payment. Cash-flow-from-assets

How To Generate Cash Flow From Assets

Do you want to generate cash flow from assets you build an acquire?

All you have to do is invest in or build something you can leave alone and it still makes you money.

We already touched on the example of owning a property and renting it out. So let’s use another example.

Let’s say you buy a taxi and higher a taxi driver. If you make a profit after all of the expenses; Congratulations! You have acquired an income producing asset.

The problem with an asset like that though is; “It costs a lot of money up front and requires a lot of maintenance.” Consequently, your profit margins will be low and the income generated by this particular asset may not be as “passive” as you hoped it would be.

So what is a good cash generating asset to invest in?

Best Income Producing Assets To Invest In

For Passive Income

Up until the advancement of the internet there has been high barriers to get cash flow from assets. The traditional passive income producing assets to invest in have predominantly been houses, properties, cars, intellectual properties, inventions, books, songs, etc…

The hard thing about creating assets like that is you need to be a genius, a talented artist, or have $10,000’s of extra dollars laying around to create these income generating assets.

The great news for you is you can now generate cash flow from assets you build and acquire online. The barriers to entry are low and do not require large up-front investments.

I know, it sounds too good to be true. But it’s TRUE! You can build a website that generates passive income.

Whether you are a small business, a serious professional, a “Jack Of All Trades”, DYI Person, a savy investor, or a serial asset acquirer, you will benefit from our free web design course.

Building & Buying Assets Online As Investment Properties

A website is literally a “property”. It has an address, you can decorate it and you can do what you want with it as long as your not infringing other people’s rights.

The only difference is it’s not physical and people can’t live on that property. But, complex ideas, products, valuable information and resources can be accessed, purchased, shared and stored on that investment property (website).

How To Get Cash Flow From Assets

Websites Are The Best Income Producing Assets To Invest In

There are 3 main ways a website can be monetized and become an income generating asset. Learn how to monetize a website today.

Advertising & Ad Space

  • As you may know, there is a lot of money in advertising. As a result, you should get in on that. Your property has limited space and Google pays you to put their ads on your website. Once your website is built and is getting regular traffic. You can seriously make a lot of passive income with Google Ads. CONGRATULATIONS! You got an income producing asset.

Affiliate Program Commissions

  • Many companies have affiliate programs that pay a percentage% of their sales to the affiliates that bring leads to their products or services. For instance, the Amazon Affiliate Program lets you choose any product you want to promote for them. They give you a unique affiliate product link that you put on your high traffic property (website). As a result, visitors will click on your affiliate link and make purchases. Consequently, you earn commissions while you sleep. CONGRATULATIONS! You got an income producing asset.

Hot Business Lead Generation –

  • You can build a website that speaks for you while you are not there. It’s almost like hiring an employee or sales man who is on the clock for you 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. You can provide valuable information to your potential customers without having to repeat yourself over and over again. As a result, you will generate HOT leads to your business because they specifically searched you out on Google. CONGRATULATIONS! You got an income producing asset.

BEOK Web Design Company:

“We specialize in building income producing assets online.”

Here at BEOK we take you from start to finish with any asset ideas you may have or need help refining. Are you really hands on and want to build assets yourself? WIX is a great and economic rout to build a professional website. They use a great drag and drop builder.

Or take our Free Web Design Course to learn how to build a website in 1.733 hours. This free course takes you from start to finish to build your website, optimize it and then rank it to the 1st page of Google and Bing.

If you don’t have the time and/or skills want to build your website, create high quality content and get it to the 1st page of Google. We would love to help you reach your goals. Contact us now.

Get cash flow from assets with the help of our Services:

In order for your website to become an income producing asset it must be monetized and get a significant amount of relevant traffic that receives value from the high quality content we create.

We have developed a step-by-step service strategy process to achieve your asset building goals.

  1. Consulting we will guide your brainstorming process towards things that actually work without adulterating your creativity.
  2. Keyword Research Services Before we invest in an idea we need to do keyword research to find keywords with high Google search volume. Then we can plan the content around those keyword(s).
  3. Web Design Services First things first, you need to build a web site. We got you covered. We are proud of our web design services and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  4. Web Content Creation Services Only good thorough content makes it to the first page of Google. We know exactly what kind of content Google is looking for and we love creating that kind of content.
  5. SEO Services Once your website (property) has high quality content it needs to get to the 1st page of Google. We offer SEO services proven to work. See how we built a Website and got it to the 1st page of Google for Our Client: PGM Recovery Systems.

Feel Free To Contact Us If You Have Any Questions Or Inquiries.

“Affordable Web Design For Small Businesses”. This article was written for businesses. But it will show you the road map on to how to get cash flow from assets online.

We Serve Nationwide


Keyword Research Services For Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research Services

Everyone knows you can typed keywords into Google to buy or learn about something specific. But did you know Google counts how many times a keyword is searched? 

That is right! And here at BEOK Web Design Company we have premium keyword research tools that enable us to analyze any keyword that has been typed into Google. Our keyword research services measure the following metrics for you.

  • Monthly search volume
  • The competitiveness of any give keyword
  • Bonus: “Discover more keywords related to the keyword you originally submitted.”

keyword research services

Why Are Keyword Research Services So Important?

Keyword research services are important because you can discover what keywords are worth trying to rank for before you invest time and money into them. Furthermore, keyword research services allow us to get an idea how much of a monthly investment it will take to get to the 1st page for any given keyword.

Some keywords are very competitive because they have large search volume and other people/businesses have been investing in SEO services to get that particular 1st page ranking. Although we can still rank you to the 1st page for competitive keywords, it just takes longer and costs more.

For example:

Say you sold coffee beans and wanted to rank for the keyword “coffee beans”. Yes, “coffee beans” gets over 90,050 searches per month, but is very competitive (51-100 difficulty) and would cost $$$ per month for a long period of time before you rank 1st page. But say you wanted to rank for the keyword ” best coffee beans “. It gets less traffic (5,400 per month) but only has a (34-100 difficulty).

You would rank much faster for the less competitive keyword. As a result, you would get high quality traffic faster with less investment. Furthermore, you can still make it long term goal to rank for the high traffic keyword. This is because the “coffee beans” keyword is in the “best coffee beans” keyword.

Keyword Competitiveness Research

You may be thinking “…34 and 51 is not a huge gap in keyword competitiveness…”. To put this metric in perspective a keyword competitiveness above 60 is considered extremely difficult for a new web site to rank for. In other words new sites are recommended to go after keywords with competitiveness score of (0 – 40 difficulty). If you need more explanation or have any questions feel free to contact us. We serve nation wide. 


In order to rank on the 1st page of Google you must carefully analyze and plan the specific keywords you want to put into your content. Some keywords are extremely difficult to rank for. This is so because there are many competitors spending $1,000’s to at the top of Google. We have special, premium paid programs that help us analyze Google keyword search statistics. As a result, we are able to skillfully guide your keyword decision. We are great at finding unique, low competition keywords that have a significant monthly search volume.  Consequently, we are able to discover relevant, rank-able keywords for your business. Trust me, this is a big deal that makes all the difference in the world when getting traffic to your website with as little investment as possible. You can do very basic keyword analysis for free at Google Trends.