November 26, 2017

Keyword Research Services For Search Engine Optimization

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Keyword research services are crucial to ranking on the 1st page Google. Some keywords are extremely difficult to rank for and some keywords have low search volume. We have special, premium paid programs that help us analyze Google keyword search statistics so we can plan and budget your SEO needs.

Importance Of Targeted Keyword Research

keyword research services

Everyone knows you can typed keywords into Google to buy or learn about something specific. But did you know Google counts how many times a keyword is searched?

That is right! And here at BEOK Web Design Company we have premium keyword research tools that enable us to analyze any keyword that has been typed into Google. Our keyword research services measure the following metrics for you.

  • Monthly search volume
  • The competitiveness of any give keyword
  • Bonus: “Discover more keywords related to the keyword you originally submitted.”

Why Are Keyword Research Services So Important?

Keyword research services are to search engine optimization (SEO) important because you can discover what keywords are worth trying to rank for before you invest time and money into them. Furthermore, keyword research services allow us to get an idea how much of a monthly investment it will take to get to the 1st page for any given keyword.

Some keywords are very competitive because they have large search volume and other people/businesses have been investing in SEO services to get that particular 1st page ranking. Although we can still rank you to the 1st page for competitive keywords, it just takes longer and costs more.

For example:

Say you sold coffee beans and wanted to rank for the keyword “coffee beans”. Yes, “coffee beans” gets over 90,050 searches per month, but is very competitive (51-100 difficulty) and would cost $$$ per month for a long period of time before you rank 1st page. But say you wanted to rank for the keyword ” best coffee beans “. It gets less traffic (5,400 per month) but only has a <(34-100 difficulty).

You would rank much faster for the less competitive keyword. As a result, you would get high quality traffic faster with less investment. Furthermore, you can still make it long term goal to rank for the high traffic keyword. This is because the “coffee beans” keyword is in the “best coffee beans” keyword.

Keyword Competitiveness Research

You may be thinking “…34 and 51 is not a huge gap in keyword competitiveness…”. To put this metric in perspective a keyword competitiveness above 60 is considered extremely difficult for a new web site to rank for. In other words new sites are recommended to go after keywords with competitiveness score of (0 – 40 difficulty). If you need more explanation or have any questions feel free to contact us. We serve nation wide.


In order to rank on the 1st page of Google you must carefully analyze and plan the specific keywords you want to put into your content. Some keywords are extremely difficult to rank for. This is so because there are many competitors spending $1,000’s to at the top of Google. We have special, premium paid programs that help us analyze Google keyword search statistics.

As a result, we are able to skillfully guide your keyword decision. We are great at finding unique, low competition keywords that have a significant monthly search volume.  Consequently, we are able to discover relevant, rank-able keywords for your business. Trust me, this is a big deal that makes all the difference in the world in getting traffic to your website with as little investment as possible. You can do very basic keyword analysis for free at Google Trends. But, you must implement these trends with proper web design services to obtain the success you desire.

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