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Web Design & web development is the first step to becoming successful online. Your website is the central hub of you online presence. I consolidates your social media accounts, payment gateways, informational materials and more into one easy to find place. Furthermore, your website is how people find you in search engines with specific keywords. All the websites we build are designed to not only look great  but are also built for security, trackability, and findability by specific users.

We love to use WordPress. There are many plugins, themes, and tools that need to to chosen from with care (see below). As a result, you need us to create an up-to-date, custom website that is effective for your business. We will make an effective website for you that has a clean professional presence. We offer graphic design services in conjunction with our web development services for the most synergistic look.

Once we have created and designed your website, we then integrate all the necessary features you need to remain secure, track performance and rank on Google & Bing search engines.

In order to rank on search engines you will need to utilize our keyword research and content writing services for optimal search engine optimization (SEO).


Web Design & Web Development Features

The list below are just some of the features we use, the ones not listed are proprietary to our web design services.

    • Google Search Console
    • Bing Search Console
    • Google Analytics
    • CDN
    • Google Captcha
    • Image Compression
    • SSL Certificate “HTTPS”
    • Page Speed Optimization
    • Cache MGMT
    • Full Point WordPress Security
    • Anti-Spam
    • Login Security
    • Brute Force Attack Protection
    • Weekly Backups
    • Updated Technology Versions Daily
    • Root Level Security
    • On-Site SEO Tools
    • Schema Structured Data
    • HTML & XML Sitemaps

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